About Membership

The Waterford Association Inc. defines the Pleasure Beach boundaries as South on Great Neck Rd. from Colonial Drive to Shore Rd. (including houses on the East side of Great Neck Rd.), thence West/North on Shore Rd. to New Shore Rd., thence West/North on new Shore Rd. to Shore Rd., thence North on Shore Rd. to Lamphere Rd., and East on Lamphere Rd. to Great Neck Rd. All houses/streets/roads within these boundaries, as well as those streets/roads adjacent to these boundaries on the North, South, and West. Also includes Jordan Cove Rd. West to Gardiner Wood Rd., including Jordan Cove Circle.

Any individual who is the age of ninety (90) and older, and who has been a member of the beach for not less than forty (40) years will receive an honorary badge; which will allow that individual to gain access onto any Association owned property, and to attend any Association sponsored event.

NEW MEMBER FEE - The New Member Fee can be paid in full at the time of Application, or can be paid in three (3) annual installments. Once the fee has been paid in full you will become a vested member and will not be obligated to pay the NEW MEMBER FEE unless you let your membership lapse.

ANNUAL ASSESSMENT FEE - This fee is REQUIRED and includes one 1-vote, 2-badges and one 1-parking pass. The amount of this fee is established on an annual basis usually by the month of May, and may increase or decrease depending upon the Annual Budget.

EXTRA BADGES - REQUIRED for all individuals ages 8 and up, and limited to Article ll, Section 6 of the Bylaws of Waterford Association, Incorporated.

VOTING MEMBER - Each assessed household has one voting member.

If you have any questions regarding membership, please contact us.

New Members

New Membership Fee - A one-time initiation fee for new members only. The fee may be paid in full or in three (3) equal, consecutive, annual installments.

The Association has reached its MAXIMUM CAPACITY per our Bylaws, and is not approving any New Member Applications at this time. The new membership waitlist will reopen on May 1st. Please click here to be notified when the waitlist reopens again. ANY New Member Fee Application's submitted for payment will be rejected, and all fees paid will be refunded less any incurred processing fees.

Existing Members

2023 Membership Applications will open May 1, 2023.

Please wear your 2022 badges until you receive your 2023 badges.